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Business Care Corp. is here to help! We offer a wide selection of services to small companies in and around the greater Edmonton area who are looking for help with starting a business, or managing the one they already have.





Business Care Corp. can help you start and grow your business by offering services and knowledge in:

  • Incorporating your business

  • Paralegal services

  • Bookkeeping

  • Computer/IT services

  • Administration

  • Customer service

  • Providing you with a business phone/fax number

  • Marketing and sales

  • Providing offices and boardrooms for your convenience

as well as years of knowledge and experience in starting a business in Alberta.

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About Us

Business Care Corp’s mission is to supply promising Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the greater Edmonton area with an efficient, and effective infrastructure to assist in the start up and growth of those small businesses.

These Services include Business Planning, Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Par-legal, and Marketing and Sales. Business Care Corp. has existed since 1988, and has gone through various business models through the advancement of business and technology. Business Care Corp. is now responsible in supporting the coordination in excess of 60 Companies in all areas of Industry and all stages of Development.

The Dedicated Team of Professionals has furthered Small Ventures of $100,000 to $100,000,000.


Annual Return: is the document which must be filed with the government every year and it tells the government the details of the corporation; who the director(s) are, who the shareholder(s) are and what the corporation’s registered address is. This must be done to ensure the company exists according to governing legislation.

Articles of Incorporation: are the primary day to day rules governing the management of a corporation in Canada.

By-Laws: establish the procedures that are to be taken in the company’s time in operation.

Corporation: or a “company”, is a legal entity used to carry on a business and is separate from its owners in law.

Director(s): supervise or manage the corporation. The director(s) are elected by the shareholders of the corporation and report to the shareholders on all business matters.

Minute Book: this is the binder or book that holds all of the company’s records.

NUANS: is an acronym for Newly Upgraded Automatic Name Search. A NUANS or more commonly referred to as a “name search” must be completed and approved prior to incorporating your business. It is done to determine whether or not you are able to incorporate your company under the name you have chosen.
Officer(s): are designated by the director(s) and the directors specify the duties and powers to manage the corporation’s affairs. Examples of officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Shareholder(s): is the “owner(s)” of the corporation and have a vote in the management of the business. Shareholders elect the Board of Directors, who supervise or manage the operation of the corporation


What is a Corporation?

A corporation is a distinct and separate legal entity from its owner. A corporation has its own rights, liabilities and privileges then those of its owners. It is owner by its shareholders and managed by its board of directors.


How Do I Name My Corporation?

You can choose to pick a name, following the guidelines of Naming your Corporation, or you may choose to simply have Alberta Registries produce a number for your corporation.


How long does it take to incorporate a business in Alberta?

For a named company, it can take 2-7 business days to have your business incorporated, complete with Minute Book. A numbered company can take 2-4 business days to be completed.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Incorporate?

You do NOT have to hire a lawyer to incorporate your company.


What is a Minute Book?

A Minute Book is used to store all of your companies important and legal documents such as the Articles of Incorporation, the Annual Shareholder and Directors Minutes, Share Certificates, By-Laws and other documentation the company wishes to keep in it. It is vital that these important corporate documents are kept in a single location, so that it can be easily consulted when or if there is a need for it.


After I incorporate, then what?

After your business is incorporated, any changes to the Director(s), Shareholder(s) and/or your business’ Registered Address must be filed with Alberta Registries. Also, Annual returns must be filed yearly to keep your corporation registered as per governing legislation. We can help you with this!! See our Manage Your Business Section



Our Clients

Here at Business Care we are here to help our clients succed!

Client List:

Name: Capital Region Chiropractic

web: http://www.capitalregionchiro.ca

" Your Local Edmonton Chiropractor!"

We offer safe and natural answers that can offer usefull pain relief. Our doctors will direct you to consult with your family doctor if your problem requires a different type of treatment . We work with a number of family doctors at our clinic to provide the best care at our centre in Edmonton.


Name: Instant Storage

web: http://www.instant-storage.com

Your one stop shop edmonton storage and moving centre!

No Garage? No Space? No Problem! Instant Storage has offered clean, affordable, secure storage units at competitive prices for the last 20 years! We also provide vehicle, boat, trailer, pallet and RV storage and are an established U-Haul truck and trailer dealership!

 Contact us at 780-448-1620 for pricing and reservations!

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