Incorporate Now

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1. Choose a name for your corporation. A NUANS must be done on the name you  choose before the incorporation can be started. The more distinct of a name you choose, the higher probability that your name choice will be approved.


2. Provide the Alberta street address for the corporations registered office, as well as the address where the corporate records (minute book) will be held. (Please note: post office box numbers are not allowed)


3. Submit the full names and street addresses of the Shareholders, Directors and Officers of the corporation. Also, please indicate if each Director is a Canadian Resident or not. (Please note: in Alberta 50% of the Directors must be Canadian Residents)


4. Decide upon your corporation’s share structure as well the allotment of shares to each Shareholder. We can help you decide on the share structure that is right for your corporation. The share structure of a corporation can be changed by a vote of the Shareholders wanting it changed at any time. A legal and governmental fee is required. Please also designate the monetary value each share of your corporation is worth.


5.  Contact Us to start the Incorporation Process!