All registries allow those who carry on business to record numerous changes to their registrations without the need to deal with a lawyer. Business Care Corp. can help you file or make changes to your corporation without the hassle of dealing with Alberta Registries. Here are some examples of common changes most corporations go through.

Articles of Amendment
are used to make important changes to a corporation by amending its Articles of Incorporation. These changes include:

  1. changing the Legal Name of the corporation;
  2. changing the number of directors required by the corporation;
  3. changing the shareholders of the corporation; and

To effect this amendment to the Articles of incorporation, the proposed amendment must be authorized by a resolution adopted by the board of directors. The resolution must then be approved by the shareholders present at a special general meeting, at which time the shareholders also authorize one director to sign the Articles of Amendment. For any changes to take affect, the change needs to be authorized by the Board of Directors.

Notice of Change of Directors. A director can resign at any time by giving notice to that effect. It is generally recommended that a corporation require a director's resignation to be in written form for purposes of proof. Following the election, removal or resignation of a new director, the corporation is required to notify Alberta Registries of such change by filing the applicable government form together with the prescribed government fee.

Notice of Change of Address Within the same jurisdiction a corporation may, by resolution of the directors, change the location of the registered office within the jurisdiction in which it is currently located. A Notice of Change is then filed with your local Registries Office within 15 days of the change.  With special resolutions, the corporation may change the geographical location in which its registered office is located to another place in Canada. A certified copy of the resolution must be filed with the Registries Office within 15 days, as well as a Notice of Change.