Annual Return Filing

Once you’ve been incorporated, your corporation must conduct business in Alberta in accordance with the provisions set out in the Business Corporations Act. Failure to comply with certain responsibilities may result in your corporation being removed from the Corporate Registry’s active records. Filing an Annual Return is just one of the requirements that are common to all corporations.

Maintaining your corporation refers to the things you need to do – usually on an annual basis- to ensure that the company continues to exist under the government legislation in the correct jurisdiction that it was incorporated in, as well as to ensure all records of the company remain up to date and in order.

Annual returns must be provided by the corporation each and every year. The annual return provides information about the shareholders of the corporations and extra-provincial registrations, or directors and/or officers for societies and non-profit companies.

If the annual return information is not filed, the Alberta Corporation will ultimately be dissolved. If an extra-provincial corporation does not file its annual return information, its registration will be cancelled in Alberta.

Corporate Registry will mail a pre-printed annual return form to an Alberta corporation one month prior to the anniversary month of its incorporation. If the paper form mailed by Corporate Registry is lost, the corporation is still required to file the required information.

A Corporation may either take the actual form or provide the information requested on the form to an authorized service provider for processing.